Value Proposition

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” —George Bernard Shaw

Datlytics focuses on complex data solutions that generate significant revenue growth or savings for our customers. We have found that leveraging increasing volumes of internal and external customer data more effectively can lead to significant company benefits, operational improvements and higher predictability. Use of advanced analytic solutions with Datlytics’ supervised or unsupervised industry algorithms can help drive new offerings in your market, and provide you with much better analysis of customer behavior, often at least a 1 – 3% measured business improvement.

Our Turnkey Customer Solutions Lower Your Burden

Strong Industry Knowledge – Deep experience in the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Restaurant sectors that produces rapid results with minimal education of our project team members. Understand Your Data’s Value – Build deep analytic capabilities to derive business insights from correlations between machine data, customer behavior, financial contracts and transactions, your internal and external customer communication patterns, social media, and other sources. Fractional Use of Key Talent and Complex Technology – Access to high end data science talent and technology without the need for long-term investment. Data and Model Expertise – Not all analytic models are equal in value. Many large data analytics companies must first learn your industry and data sets, and then attempt to build a model to address your business problem. Our Principals, Data Scientists, Behavioral Scientists, Research Analysts and Associates have built numerous solutions for the only industry sectors we focus on.

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