Clients comment they know more about their business when we finish than when they engaged us.

The Roadmap

Datlytics has invested heavily in its Analytic Roadmap, which is a predictive/application framework that builds on Apache Hadoop, R, Python and other open source technologies. It is an effective and forward-looking analytics implementation methodology that is followed to guide our projects from concept to completion.

One: Discovery & Innovation

We work collaboratively with your subject matter experts to identify early and repetitive benefits, as well as innovative uses of corporate intelligence.

Two: Data Exploration & Preparation                                          

We organize, examine and assemble the data sets, examine a range of cloud and technical environment options and consider a broad combination of proprietary and open-source tools for insight.

Three: Design & Build Predictive Model

Predictive modeling techniques, including neural networks, clustering and support vector machines, help to uncover patterns and translate your data into insight and value.

Four: Data Visualization & User Experience

We provide a user-interface driven, intuitive dashboard to monitor your data, in an enterprise-grade cloud environment enabling you to innovate quickly and confidently.

The roadmap to our methodology

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Datlytics’ four stage life-cycle represents a how-to-implement approach for a complete project. Each iterative stage is further subdivided into structured activities that must be completed for a complete analytic solution to be successfully implemented.

Our Analytic Roadmap incorporates high customer satisfaction, data visualization, and integrates seamlessly with an organization’s existing infrastructure to allow faster time to value. We find that our clients prefer partnering with an organization that adheres to a structured approach for their mission-critical analytics projects.

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