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Common traits we value and look for in Datlytics associates

  • Thinks about tech in business terms, and business in tech terms. The kind of person who can’t make a tech decision without considering the business implications, or a business decision without thinking of the tech implications.
  • Has experience in a data analytics, PaaS or SaaS product company role. Someone who is constantly thinking about how to make products and solutions more configurable, scalable, and user friendly. The kind of person who understands (and cares about) who’s using the solution he or she is building.
  • Has experience with scale. As an early-stage organization we need people who will bring best practices, tools, and innovative ideas that will allow clients to grow their business exponentially, without making anyone’s life miserable.
  • Can join or lead a project team to do the best work they’ve ever done. Knows how to ask the right questions to build client data solutions that are elegant, scalable, and exciting.

  • “Smart quotient.” Someone with deep and well-rounded smarts who can work well with a top-notch team of people, and who will expect no less from their leader/partner in crime.
  • Is analytical. Someone with a history of using data to drive business decisions.
  • Is humble. We believe that humility is one of the keys to teamwork and success. So massive egos need not apply; it’s just not going to be a good fit.
  • Is an excellent communicator and collaborator. In writing and in person – for both internal and external audiences.
  • Can keep their cool even when the chips are down. In fact, especially when the chips are down.
  • Has a sense of humor. It just makes you more fun to work with.
  • Can think about and articulate what could be revolutionary, and not merely evolutionary.


If you have these traits and beliefs, and are ready for a challenging and rewarding career, we would like learn about you.

Please send inquiries and/or resumes via our contact form:

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