Intelligenz Cloud

The Intelligenz Cloud delivers powerful savings with zero capital expenditure on infrastructure, making enterprise-class predictive and data analysis initiatives more cost-effective than ever before.

Cost Effective

Your analytic applications are designed, built and encapsulated within a dedicated, fully managed infrastructure. You also reduce the cost of IT administration because the hardware is being taken care of for you, off-premises. You get high availability and reliability with redundant copies of your data and automatic failover. Your cost of creating, testing, debugging, and distributing Web-based analytic applications is dramatically reduced.


The Intelligenz Cloud provides our clients with world class enterprise BI, an analytical database, and advanced data science capabilities in one integrated service. The platform provides a reliable, scalable and secure data analytics environment that allows our clients to focus on creating business value from their data. Intelligenz Cloud was built based on the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, a cutting edge approach for developing the most secure code based on proven technology and tested around the globe.


The Intelligenz Cloud brings together your industry data, coupled with our prescriptive methodologies, to provide powerful analytic and industry-proven models to predict behavior and probabilities for insightful business decisions. In the quickly evolving travel and hospitality sector you need a cloud-based solution that can rapidly evolve as your needs change. Intelligenz Cloud offers a host of application building blocks and analytic services that will allow you to refine and customize your results as needed.

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